Rider Communiques


Below are the e-mails sent to registrants. Check these out for details you may have missed!

SENT MAY 23, 2017

Hello 2017 Palisade Gran Fondo and Palisade Piccolo Fondo Riders

Rider Update- sent May 31, 2017

Rider updates for 5/31/2017

Thank you again for joining us in the 3rd Annual Palisade Gran Fondo and Piccolo Fondo. Folks in these parts are excited that you are coming.

If you did not get the last rider communique – or want to review the details-  it is available over at www.palisadegranfondo.com: Rider Communiques. There is also a lot of really good information under Ride Day Beta and a full on narrative course description under Course Details. Head over there and check those pages out. Most of your questions should be answered!

We have added an aide station about 11 miles into the course!! This aide station will be at Flyin’ Miata on 35 Rd at E Rd. This rest stop will be open from 8:00AM-11:30ish to serve  mainly our Piccolo Fondo riders- water, heed, snacks, port-a-let and encouragement!

When you get there, be sure to give a high five to Scott Holzschus and, his wife, Leslie. Scott is the big Kahuna over at Colorado National Bank (our presenting sponsor) and is a serious cornerstone of this event. They enthusiastically stepped up to this very last-minute task!!

We will be detouring on the way out of Palisade due to unexpected delays in the sewer replacement project on N River Rd. We really hoped it would not come to this, but it has. We are taking every precaution to make this detour safe and uneventful for all riders.

We will have to cross the railroad tracks twice- meaning we could get stopped by a train. We will also have to cross a set of very ugly tracks at the east end of the detour. YOU MUST CROSS THESE TRACKS AT 90degrees and YOU MUST STAY IN THE CENTER and YOU MUST PROCEED SLOWLY AND WITH EXTREME CAUTION. I’ve posted some pictures on the Facebook page

We will still be well inside the neutral roll-out for the entire detour– so all we ask you to do is ride safely, stay with the group, turn your legs and look around at some of majestic views of the Bookcliffs, The Palisade Rim and the Grand Mesa. All while paying attention to the escort vehicle of course.

Give the Palisade Police Department plenty of room– I will be riding shotgun and coaching the officer to make wide slow turns.  We will stop the entire bunch if we have any inclination a train is coming. We can do this people- no flats, no crashes, no rider left behind!!

Basic change to course is as follows: We will roll east on 3rd street to Bower. Take Bower North (left turn) to G7/10. Take G 7/10 east (right turn). After roughly 1 mile we will make the right turn over the railroad tracks I described above, and immediately dog leg left (east) onto our original course. Neutral rollout continues all the way to HWY 6 and back to 38 Rd. Riders turn left onto 38 Rd and it is GAME ON as you attack the 38 Rd hill. Then we’ll see you back at the park for food and beer- sound good?!

To review a few key points:

*Packet Pick-up 5-8PM Red Fox Cellars. Again at 6:00AM Saturday in the park

*Late Registration is cash/ check only and there is a $10 late fee (we will credit this to you in the form of a taco certificate if you register Friday evening at Red Fox Cellars)

*Park at Colorado National bank or on the west side of the park. NO PARKING in Dollar General or the east side of the park please. All these maps/ links are on the website

*Your rider bracelet or bib PLUS $2.00 gets you into the Palisade Pool to shower or splash about!! Is there another event offering that perk 😊?

*Bring your camp chair or a blanket for the picnic- Tables/ chairs will be limited and, besides, isn’t laying on the cool grass a far better way to end an epic ride than sitting on a plastic chair?

* We will have some jerseys and jackets to sell at packet pick-up. We will also take orders. Cash/ Check only

We will see you on Saturday!!